Sigma Gamma Rho Jackets & CoatsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

You can add all types of sorority apparel to your closet this year, including new Sigma Gamma Rho Jackets and Outerwear. Greek Gear's catalog continues to grow each semester you return to school.

Present your newest chapter members to the campus, then present them each with a Crossing/Line Jacket. Once they have this jacket they'll know that they are officially SGRho ladies at your college. The back of the jacket features a large sorority log and the front is decorated with the small design of your choice (there's even a poodle symbol you can add). Order these jackets in white, blue or gold.

More outerwear choices are now on display in addition to our classic collection of jackets and coats. For instance, we sell a New Englander Rain Jacket that's an upgrade from the traditional anorak, and a Tumble Jacket that has a feminine fit for your jogs and trail walking trips. We even have a sorority blazer that's embroidered with an image of the SGRho crest.

Round out your Greek wardrobe for the year with Sigma Gamma Rho Jackets and Outerwear. You'll be happy you made the investment in jackets and coats here instead of going to a regular coat store. Visit us every fall that you go back to school!