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Being a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon means that you will have to promote and uphold the tenants of your fraternity while you're on campus (as well as off). Wear Lettered Twill Clothes at least once a week to keep up your organization's profile.
Hoodie and chill? Get yourself an SAE Lettered Hoodie and you might not want to ever take it off. It's a soft, oversized hooded sweatshirt made of extra heavy low shrink fleece with stitched twill letters on the front. You can get a matching t-shirt (same colors, same letters) and matching long-sleeve on this Greek Gear page as well.
If you want a shirt that's a little "far out" order a golden Essential Tie Dye Lettered Tee. It's an attention grabbing t-shirt for sure that would make an ideal choice for a friendly competition between you and other chapter houses on campus. Some of our twill shirts come with an option to add a 2nd border to the letters for added impact.
When you see the detailed, fine stitching on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lettered Twill Clothes you've ordered, you'll know it's from Greek Gear. Order a bunch and take advantage of group discounts.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lettered Hoodie
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