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Greek hats are a tradition among college fraternity members that will probably live on for centuries. In addition to a pre-designed selection of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hats and Visors, we also have a "choose your design" feature that will allow you to make a hat from scratch.
Your hat will be the first thing they'll see when you enter a room, right after your winning smile of course, when you wear the Flatbill Snapback. It has a flat brim and a paneled head that's accented with the color of your choice throughout. If you want to stick to your fraternity colors, you can get a hat in purple and gold (or vice versa), or you can get a neutral toned heather and black snapback with your letters threaded onto the front in the font of your choice.
Stock up on every day hats that you can just throw on when you're running out of the door, like the Tail or Letter Hat. They're curved brim hats that look like they've already been broken in a bit for you. The World Famous Line Hat offers you the option of adding a short line of text beneath your letters.
There's no such thing as owning too many hats, especially when they're Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hats and Visors from Greek Gear. Get one in white, one in purple and one in gold for good measure!

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