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If you've ever gone to a major Greek themed event, one thing you'll surely see is a sea of shirts featuring large bold twill letters. There's a good chance that most of them got their shirts right here. This particular page is where you'll find Psi Upsilon Lettered Twill Clothes.

Twill fabric is a high quality, durable cotton material that is tightly woven, creating attractive diagonal ridges throughout. The shirts in this section are all made with twill Psi U letters in your preferred colors. For instance, you can get a gold colored shirt with red letters and a white background, or a white shirt with gold letters and a red background. The options are endless.

We carry Greek Crewneck Sweatshirts with ribbed collars and sleeve-ends, Hooded Sweatshirts in various styles and Custom Twill T-Shirts with short sleeves. These items are staples of every fraternity man�s wardrobe and will always be in style. You have the option to add a crest to one sleeve (perfect for new member gifts), or even choose different colors for each Greek letter in some cases.

Join the millions of Greeks who have shopped Greek Gear for wearable paraphernalia, like Psi Upsilon Lettered Twill Clothes. Check out the options you have for shirt colors and the colors for the twill letters that will appear across your chest.

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