Psi Upsilon Key Rings & KeychainsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

If you have a Psi Upsilon member on your list whoís hard to shop for, you canít go wrong with one of these Key Rings and Keychains. Weíve got some charms that are colorful and customizable and others that resemble jewelry.

Whether you have janitorís keys, or just your single house key on a ring, you can make it easier to notice with a Psi U keyring from Greek Gear. They are designed with the symbols and letters that belong to your organization. A nice keychain is an ideal gift for a fraternity member who is usually difficult to shop for, but will appreciate something practical.

We have key rings for fraternity members that are circular shaped and charms that are shaped like rectangles or squares. Some of our keychains are made of attractive sterling silver metal while others are imprinted with the colorful letters and images that belong to your organization. When you choose the item you like best for your recipient, check to see if you have the option to add custom text, like the personís nickname or year of membership.

When you have one of these Psi Upsilon Key Rings and Keychains, youíre going to hesitate to ever put your keys down. Get one for yourself and one as a gift for your favorite fellow fraternity brother!