Pi Alpha Phi Stickers & DecalsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

The more fun and colorful your fraternity paraphernalia is, the better, because others will be more likely to take note of and remember your Greek letters and symbols. Don't ever minimize the impact of a well-placed Pi Alpha Phi Sticker or Decal.

If you have a favorite notebook or journal that you like to carry around with you, why not label it with a notable symbol of your fraternity? The central element of the Large Greek Color Crest Decal is the crest, which includes every minor detail like the swords, scroll, and dragon. The Color Oval Decal has just the right amount of blue in it, and includes your founding year.

Keep your LPhiE stickers under close wraps, because there's no telling when one of your more playful fraternity brothers might want to swipe one or two for himself. Don't be surprised if you see one of your best buds walking around campus with your American Flag Greek Letter Sticker or Pennant Decal on his shirt. Use your fraternity decals before someone snatches it, and there's no backsies.

Pi Alpha Phi Stickers and Decals will always be popular, wanted, and useful. They are an important part of any promotional plan or initiative for the chapter. Place a high quantity order today and save!