You can save a lot of cash on Greek para by shopping for it at our site. Take these Phi Sigma Kappa Stickers and Decals for instance -- many of them cost just a few dollars each, but they're very useful. For a colorful decal that will brighten up your dorm room, get the Water Slide Decal. Slide it onto the corner of your mirror or onto the top drawer of your bureau. The Custom Line Sticker Decal can be personalized with your name and used to label all of your most important items, including notebooks and electronics covers. It's a great way to claim ownership, and a reasonable price. What about stickers for your vehicle? A lot of guys like the Proud Bumper Sticker. It has three panels -- one featuring the 1873 founding year and Triple Ts, another panel with your letters in red and another that simply reads "Proud." This sticker says it all. Put it on your bumper, one of the side windows, your dashboard or behind the seats. Want more cheap Greek gifts for Phi Sigma Kappa members like these useful Stickers and Decals? See our spirit items, pens and other affordable fraternity gifts and merchandise.

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