As the oldest organization committed to preserving the Latin American culture, it's easy to see why you would want to show your fraternity pride. We've made a special page for Phi Iota Alpha members who want classy and distinguished fraternity rings and jewelry.

Guys like to wear rings too. We have a few masculine styles that you'll be excited to wear on your ring finger or to hang on a long chain around your neck. A ring like the Sterling Silver Square Ring will immediately capture the attention of whoever you're talking to, whether it's an interest or a fellow member. Instead of the classic circular design, you get a square substitute. As for the Wide Band Ring, your fraternity letters are inscribed into the silver metal in black.

More fraternity jewelry is available for Greeks, like watches and necklaces. Bookmark this page to see the wonderful new items we will add for members of your brotherhood. You'll love being the first to wear them to your meetings and Pan American Day celebrations.

Visit the Greek Gear catalog often to see what other merchandise we have in store for Phi Iota Alpha fraternity members besides jewelry. Our Greek paraphernalia offerings include white, gold, navy blue and red clothing, gifts and every day items that help make your life easier.

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