Phi Sigma Pi PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Debatably, the best gift you can give a Greek of any age is a customized paddle with his name on it along with his chapter name or school. Finished wood is a resilient, long lasting material that continues to look new year after year. Buy Phi Sigma Pi Paddles today at a great deal.

The Phi Sigma Pi Old School Wood Greek Paddle is a throwback to the paddle styles of yesteryear. It's plain light to medium-colored wood -- no bells or whistles. There's a choice of wood finish for this item: walnut, natural, or cherry. No matter how basic it appears, it will still look amazing featured on a wall or at the center of a display of prized Greek paraphernalia.

Paddles have traditionally been passed from big brother to little brother (and vice versa). Spec to spec. On some items from Greek Gear you'll find a space to add those details. Plan to hang it somewhere? Select the option to add a leather strap to your order.

Just wait until do you see the look on your favorite Phi Sigma Pi man's face when he receives his custom paddle in the mail. The first thing he'll probably want to do is take a picture of it for the Gram. Start your personalized paddle order today.