Phi Sigma Pi Desk & Office ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Keep your desk tidy and well organized with Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity Desk & Office Items. Greek Gear offers notepads, journals, writing tools, and more for members of your national honor fraternity.

Nothing tells a story quite like a memorable photo. And it does a whole lot more "telling" to more people when it is printed and featured inside of a gorgeous picture frame. The Greek-lettered wood picture frame will be the perfect finishing touch to add personality to your desk or nightstand. No need to visit a home store -- especially since this item allows you to enter text under the photo.

The style and look of the journal you keep on your desk and carry around with you matters. Pick up the attractive and distinguished-looking Phi Sigma Pi Zipper Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad. You can swap out the notepad when needed and keep your favorite pen inside.

Once you receive your new desk and office merchandise from Greek Gear, clear off your desk and start over. All you need is a few key items to create a workspace you'll love. Also, for a place to hold your pens and pencils, check out the cups and mugs page at Greek Gear.