It's a major convenience to have a car when you're away at college. You get the travel off campus to shop, take trips to other campuses, and bring your fraternity Brothers two important events. Wherever you go, make sure that your car is outfitted with car merchandise and license plate frames from Greek Gear.

What a time to be a thriving member of one of the finest fraternities on the earth, Phi Sigma Pi! When you first join you're going to want every part of your life to reflect your membership in a Greek organization, including your car, truck, or Jeep. One of the first items to order is a custom license plate frame, because it's so simple to attached to your car and it provides a certain level of discretion. Your fraternity's letters appear on the top panel and the full name of the organization (or another line of text) will be printed on the bottom.

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor fraternity: That's what the flag license cover says in capitalized letters in a most distinguished and classy way. The words are flanked by your purple and gold fraternity crest. You can put it in front of your vehicle, or in the back window.

The more people who see your car decked out with Phi Sigma Pi gear, the more likely you'll be to have unexpected interests showing up at your next recruitment meeting. The Greek letters and symbols are very memorable -- especially when your car is a fixture on campus.

Phi Sigma Pi Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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