Once you graduate, you'll soon enter a whole new world and a whole new set of experiences. But you'll always have your college days as a Greek with you. Keep them close by ordering Alumni & Graduation Gifts for yourself or a fellow brother who is a graduating senior.

First things first. Take care of your order for a Greek sash stole so that it will arrive more than a few days before the ceremony. Your purple and gold colors will really pop in the photos you take with your friends and family on that important day. While everyone else is wearing the standard outfit, you'll be remembered as a representative of Phi Sigma Pi and the collegiate Greek community.

Graduation is one of those occasions when you'll really want to celebrate the honoree, and make sure he feels special. Completing all college requirements is a major accomplishment. This section will be continuously populated with more merchandise, including customizable gifts like keepsake boxes and picture frames. More choices can be found at the Phi Sigma Pi gifts and merchandise page.

Almost all of our alumni and graduation gifts for Greeks can be personalized with names, dates, or credos. You know your recipient better than anyone -- find him something that he'll really treasure and appreciate.

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