Phi Sigma Phi SweatshirtsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

One of the best presents that you can present to a brand new fraternity member is a Greek sweatshirt. This page is loaded with Phi Sigma Phi Sweatshirts in shades of red, silver (gray) and black.

It's important to be as visual as possible on campus -- especially when you're preparing to recruit new members. You can get the attention of interests by simply wearing a Greek Letter Sweatshirt around campus. Check it out -- it's a classic heavyweight cotton sweatshirt with your PSP letters imprinted on the front. If you scroll through the thumbnails you'll get an idea of how many different shirt combinations you can request.

The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and newness. We also offer crewnecks and hoodies that incorporate this symbol of your fraternity into the design. The Phoenix Hoodie for Phi Sigma Phi members depicts an image of a bird looking outward to a shining star in the distance. It's shown in red, but you can also order it in light grey.

Come to whenever you want to buy new sweatshirts for you and the other Phi Sigma Phi members in your chapter. They are ideal gifts to give new members who have worked and studied hard to join your distinguished organization.