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If all you have to wear around your dorm at the moment is a pair of worn out flip flops and old t-shirts, maybe it's time to upgrade to Phi Sigma Phi Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels from Greek Gear. It's difficult to focus on your school work when you're not really comfortable -- this specialty gear for home is the solution.

Your days and nights spent walking around your dorm or chapter house will be so much more pleasant when you have a luxurious bathrobe draped around you and plush slippers enveloping your feet. We can create robes and slippers that feature your colorful fraternity insignia.

You can also buy all of your bath towels from Greek Gear, including styles that are stamped with your Greek letters and the Phi Sigma Phi circular crest emblem which contains your organization's 1988 founding year. Some of our towels are large enough to bring with you to your next group bonfire at the beach.

When your fellow Phi Sigma Phi brothers see your Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels, watch as the trend of getting "dressed up" in quality para at home becomes the new norm. See the "Shop Now" link to browse the full selection.