Phi Sigma Phi PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Wood is something that is hard, strong, beautiful and enduring. When you consider this fact, it's easy to see why Phi Sigma Phi Paddles and Picture Frames are in such high demand. Every fraternity guy wants one as a keepsake.

Are you the friend, big brother or family member of a new member? Be the first person to buy him his very own wooden paddle. Visit the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddle and see what your options are. If you really want to go all out, buy the Giant Greek Paddle -- it allows you plenty of space to add graphics and text. The sample photo includes the organization's crest at the top, letters in the middle and four lines of custom text at the bottom.

Scroll down through the selection of paddle shapes and you'll see a few that may align with your fraternity's images. For instance, there's a Dagger Sword Symbol Greek Paddle that might interest you. Click the "Customize This Product" link to begin adding text and graphics.

Send a Phi Sigma Phi member one of these Paddles and Picture Frames and you'll probably be his favorite person for quite some time. See the many other Design Your Own products we sell as well, including glassware and desk items.