Phi Sigma Kappa Signs & FlagsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Hang your Phi Sigma Kappa Signs, Flags and Banners high and spread them out wide so that every potential new member can see them on campus. With the size and colorful display of our fraternity signs, that will be an easy task to achieve. Part of being a member of a national organization is having a unifying theme, symbols and colors. Put them all in one place on the 3 x 5 flag. That's a red and silver flag that stretches five feet across and has two lines for custom text. You can summarize your motto ("The Golden Rule") on the flag and add one of your Cardinal Principles, or simply list your chapter and school info to the sign. Signs for your chapter house are also useful -- especially if you're known for hosting a lot of parties and gatherings there. Put a traditional sign in front of the porch (it looks like a sign you you might see at the harbor) and hang a House Sign on your front door. The more signs the better for welcoming your guests. Make this page your yearly destination for Phi Sigma Kappa Signs, Flags and Banners. Use them for recruiting, informationals, games, parties and formals.