The Phi Sigma Kappa Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels we sell are so comfortable to wear that you just might be tempted to wear them to bed. Too bad you can't wear them to your early AM class too. Be a true man of distinction, even when you're just hanging out watching old movies at home with popcorn in your lap. Wear a robe around the house along with a pair of soft slippers instead of a t-shirt and flip flops. There are several links to fraternity robes here -- one that shows a photo in white and a couple in black. Click either link and you'll see that red and charcoal (dark grey) are also choices. The robes contain different images associated with your fraternity. Scroll through the page and you'll see that we also have a couple of towels for sale (more to view under the "Shop Now" link. We even sell a pair of comfortable boxers that you can wear under your robe. The boxers come imprinted with your Greek letters above a faded image of your fraternal crest. You'll be excited to receive your Phi Sigma Kappa Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels in the mail. Members love the look and feel of these popular home items.

Phi Sigma Kappa Robes, Towels & SlippersThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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