Phi Sigma Kappa Umbrellas & Golf ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Every time you and your bros decide to take a drive somewhere to have some good old fashioned American fun, bring Phi Sigma Kappa Recreational and Golf Items along for the ride. Got the urge to hit the beach? Relax in the sun while sitting in a PSK Recreational Chair under a wide brimmed fraternity umbrella. The chair is black with white text (your full fraternity name) and the umbrella can be purchased in multiple color combinations ranging from black and white to all red. When you guy show up on the beach, everyone will know that it's the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa. Is it tee time? If so, add a few things from the section to your golf bag before your next game. Get a set of Greek Lettered Golf Balls, imprinted with your Greek letters in red and a Golf Set to complete your collection. Even if you don't plan to golf in the near future, they will look nice on a display shelf in your office. Most of our Phi Sigma Kappa Recreational and Golf Items are compact and portable enough to keep in the trunk of your car or truck. Order before the spring season arrives.