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Pi Sigma Epsilon Ornaments & PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

One of the most requested items for Greeks are paddles. We sell some that are wooden and some made with other durable materials. Check out the current selection of paddles we have for Pi Sigma Epsilon members.

Paddles are popular because they provide a canvas for etching important personal and historical information about a fraternity member and his organization. That may include the chapter's founding date, member's initiation date, big brother name, and a motto. You can include all of those details on the Pi Sigma Epsilon Deluxe Paddle, which is dark in color with brightly colored accents. The Old School Wood Greek Paddle has the opposite look, but similar customization options.

It can be very expensive trying to create and customize a fraternity paddle from scratch. That includes shopping for and buying crafts, and possibly having to use a chisel to create Greek letters that may not look right. We take away that unnecessary cost and effort -- all you have to do is enter your desired text and we'll do the rest!

Pi Sigma Epsilon will always be a part of your life, so why not commemorate your membership with a VIP  very important piece of paraphernalia. You paddle will likely still look the same 10 or 15 years after you receive it.