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Pi Sigma Epsilon Mugs, Cups & GlassesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

You probably don't have much access to a full kitchen as a college student, but one thing you'll always need, even in a small dorm room, is a set of cups or mugs. See this section for Pi Sigma Epsilon Mugs, Cups & Glasses.

It's not always an option to leisurely enjoy a cup of java at home before class. Grab a Vacuum Insulated Tumbler so that you can grab your coffee to go. When you sit down in your lecture hall after commuting, open the lid, and still see how piping hot your beverage is, you'll be glad you invested in this attractive Greek lettered mug.

Some mugs and glasses are better used for show than for filling with drinks. The majestic Pi Sigma Epsilon Ceramic Stein is one of those mugs. It's an ideal centerpiece for a mantelshelf or regular shelving that contains other Greek trinkets. If you're presenting a Greek mug as a gift, fill it with other small gifts like keychains, buttons, and stickers.

Almost all of the cups and mugs that we have for sale can be customized with a personal message. Choose an important word or phrase to enter into the text box provided.