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Pi Sigma Epsilon Jackets & SportswearThe Greatest Selection. Period.

After you join the ranks of Pi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, you no longer have to wear your old jacket or pullover from high school. Pack that away and replace it with jackets and sportswear that are emblazoned with your Greek letters.

This page is full of clothing options in shades of amethyst (purple) and gold. Your founders would be proud, as would your alumni! How about the World Famous Wicking Fleece Pullover, which has a half zipper so you can wear it with or without a t-shirt/turtle-neck shirt. The collar can be pulled up to shield your neck or pulled down for cooling.

How do you like the Greek Letter Anorak jacket. It's designed to cover all of your most important body parts when you're forced to face colder weather. Put your head in the hoodie to stay protected from the rain, put your hands in the side pockets when it's windy, and secure your cards and cellphone from the elements in the front pocket.

The Pi Sigma Epsilon jacket or sports pullover you choose today will be the one that is hanging on the back of your dorm room door or on the side of your headboard each morning. Choose the one that best fits your needs. You might even be able to add some custom text.