Welcome to Greek Gear, where you can make a bold statement with unique Greek apparel and merchandise. Bookmark this page and type in "Phi Sigma Epsilon Central" as the title. Now you know that this is where you can come day or night to order brand new fraternity gear for you and your brothers.

Founded on February 20, 1910, Phi Sigma Epsilon is an organization that is committed to following its core principals. The organization's motto is the Golden Rule and the colors are cardinal red and silver. You can incorporate various elements of your fraternity's identity into custom merchandise ordered at GreekGear.com . For example, add your establishment year, motto, colors, or an image of a white tea rose on a red t-shirt.

Have new recruitment activities already begun on your campus? We have items that will help you decorate for parties and prepare for meetings with interests. We also sell small, inexpensive items you can give away as gifts, including pens, pencils, plastic cups, notepads, and keychains. Many of these items can also be personalized to your liking.

We understand that bulk orders will be needed from time to time, especially if you have a larger chapter. We can handle quantity orders and rush your Phi Sigma Epsilon goods to you for an added fee upon request. Contact Greek Gear customer service if you have questions.

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