Don't ever underestimate the potential impact of a small Greek lettered sticker or license plate frame on your vehicle when you're a college student or alum. It can inspire great respect and also help you form new friendships along the way. Explore our collection of Fraternity Car Merchandise & License Plate Frames for the members of Phi Mu Delta.

Next to your dorm room, your car is the place where you probably spend most of your time outside of classes -- especially if you're the designated errand runner or social coordinator for your chapter. Turn your ride into a promotional vehicle for your group by simply framing the back plate with a Custom License Plate Frame. It's decorated with images of importance to members of your organization.

If you reside in a "one-plate-state," order a Lettered License Cover for the front end of your vehicle. It's impossible for pedestrians and other drivers to not notice the large bold Greek letters on this plate.

You can get a lot of impact from your paraphernalia without having to pay a lot of money when you shop at Greek Gear. Add new Phi Mu Delta Fraternity Car Merchandise & License Plate Frames and ride around in your car or truck with Greek Pride this upcoming semester.

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