Phi Kappa Theta Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Road trips are an important part of the complete college experience -- especially when you're Greek. Travel to other schools and fun new destinations with Phi Kappa Theta Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames on your car or truck.
Drive your car with the confidence of knowing that you're showing your pride in your fraternity with every mile driven. The Custom License Plate Frame will cover you in back, and the Lettered License Cover will cover the front (for one-plate states). There's another cover that is adorned with both your letters and the Phi Kap crest with an attractive red background.
For the inside of your vehicle, get a car mat for the floor of the driver and passenger sides. Add up to two lines of information to the mats -- members commonly choose to add the name of their chapter and either the name of their vehicle, school or chapter. They come in white with golden letters for members of your national social fraternity.
Feel free to ride into Greek Gear whenever you need new Phi Kappa Theta Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames. These are in-demand gifts for fraternity members who drive, and can also be used as décor in a dorm room.