When you own paraphernalia, it's a way to pay homage to your fraternity while promoting it at the same time. These Phi Kappa Tau Stickers and Decals allow you to turn any every day item that you own into wearable or displayable para.

There's a perfect space in the back window of your truck or car for the Long Window Decal. The one for Phi Taus has gold letters with a red border. It's mirrored so that when you apply it to the inside of the window it reads normally from the outside. The Oval Crest Bumper Sticker is designed for the back bumper, but you can also put it on a side window. It contains the organization's crest, 1906 founding year and letters at the center in black.

Get a Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet if you want to label every item in your possession with your letters or fraternal images. They are different sizes, so they will fit anything from a pencil case to a notebook. These colorful stickers are great for craft-making.

Get a whole lot of stickers for not a lot of $$ when you order sheets from Greek Gear. Our Phi Kappa Tau Stickers and Decals are appropriate for your dorm room, car, school books and more!

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