You spend so much time worried about work and things to do that you probably don't spend enough time taking care of the little things, like what you'll wear for comfort at home. Let us help you out with Phi Kappa Tau Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels.

One of the first things travelers reach for when they finally settle into their hotel rooms is the robe provided as an amenity. That's because when you put on your robe, it's an official signal to the Universe that you are ready for some well needed rest and relaxation. Get that feeling in your dorm room this year with a Greek Gear Bathrobe for Phi Taus.

Another comfort item that's a must for a hard working college kid is a pair of soft slippers. We have two styles for Phi Taus -- one that's gold and white and another that's solid black. Wearing these is a nice break for your feet, which probably have to endure 10s of thousands of steps every week as you traverse your campus walks and halls.

Each of our Phi Kappa Tau Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels are emblazoned with your fraternal insignia, so it can be officially classified as Greek paraphernalia. Order away!

Phi Kappa Tau Robes, Towels & SlippersThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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