Our Phi Kappa Tau Jackets and Outerwear are so attractive and easy to wear that you'll probably want one for every season you'll spend at school (excluding the summertime of course!).

When you head back to school, there are a few items that you should bring along besides school supplies and bed spreads. You also need a nice jacket to wear when the warm sunny afternoons become chilly fall mornings. A few options to consider for fall weather include the Anorak, Wind Shirt and Emblem 1/4 Zip Pullover.

You'll fall in love with the Track Jacket -- you don't have to be an athlete or runner to appreciate the cool, relaxed design. There's a red one that's just right for Phi Taus -- whichever color you choose, it will come with a PKT crest emblem featured to the left of the white zipper. For winter weather, buy yourself a Challenger Jacket because it's built to keep you dry, comfortable and warm.

Get yourself one of these Phi Kappa Tau Jackets and Outerwear and enjoy a great product at a great price. More choices will be added in the futures -- for now, browse the "All Products" link on the main menu for the full catalog.

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