When you're setting things in motion for your next big formal bash, complete with a list of exclusive invitees, make sure you've placed an order for Phi Kappa Tau Formal and Party Favors well in advance.

Formal season is coming, and it's going to be an amazing time as usual. Before you and your fellow brothers find your dates and order your tuxes, make sure that you've got the favors on order. That way you'll have what you need in more than enough time for the big day that everyone is waiting for.

Navigate the Fraternity Party Formal Favors and Glassware link to explore your many options for favors. One of the most common choices is a beautiful glass, like the Design Your Own 14 oz Collectors glass. You can have the fraternity name, event name and date and an image placed on the glass in red lettering with the font you prefer (serif or san-serif). Another options is to create a long or short sleeve t-shirt for each member of your party to take home.

Someone wise once said that people never forget how you make them feel. Make your formal guest feel extra special by gifting them personalized Phi Kappa Tau Formal and Party Favors from Greek Gear.

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