If the only item you have on your desk is your computer or laptop, it's time to spruce things up a bit with a few Phi Kappa Tau Desk and Office Items from Greek Gear's specialty catalog.

If you have trouble getting motivated in the morning to get work done, try adding some motivational items to your office or desk. Even a minor addition to your desk, like a memorable photo inside of a personalized picture frame can be effective at lifting your spirits and getting you going (find those on the main menu under "Paddles and Picture Frames."

One of the easiest decorative items that you can buy and personalize from this section is the Marble Paperweight. This is a hunk of black polished marble with rough edges to make it look like it was chiseled out of a mountain. Simply open the product page and type in a short motivational phrase, like "Brotherhood and Learning." The same is true for the gorgeous wooden Keepsake Box for members -- they make a nice pair sitting on your desk together.

Your desk is a place where magic happens, even if that magic is simply getting a 10 page report done in one night. Make it even better with decorative and practical Phi Kappa Tau Desk and Office Items from GreekGear.com .

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