Alum members are special treasures to a chapter, not only because they offer resources, but also because of their knowledge and guidance. If you have a special alum or senior that you want to honor, buy him one of these Phi Kappa Tau Alumni and Graduation Gifts.

Graduation day is the first day that you officially become an alumnus of your school and chapter. This is a bittersweet moment, because while you're excited about the opportunities ahead, you're nostalgic about the days past as a Phi Tau in college. So if you're tasked with buying a graduation gift for a Greek man, get him something that will help him remember while encouraging him about the future.

One item that will fit the bill is a satin Graduation Sash Stole. He'll wear it when accepting his degree, then fold it up and keep it in a safe place for a reminder of his time as a Greek. Another gift idea is to buy him a special ring, like the Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring or a pair of cufflinks to wear with his suits (see the Jewelry section on the main menu).

You're sure to find at least one item of interest in this Phi Kappa Tau Alumni and Graduation Gifts section. It might be something that you use every day, or something that you put up for safe keeping so that one day you'll find it and enjoy some fond memories.

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