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There's a time when you can feel completely comfortable walking out of the house in a t-shirt and jeans, and those other times when wearing Phi Gamma Delta Polos and Oxfords is a much better choice. Order a few nice shirts embroidered with your FIJI letters right here at Greek Gear. As you can probably already see, there are a few choice additions to your wardrobe on this page. When you click through to each link, you'll also see that there are additional options to create shirts in an array of colors. For instance, when you order the Classic Oxford for FIJI members, your letters can be threaded into white or light blue fabric above the shirt pocket in purple, black, white and a number of other popular colors. We know how often fraternity chapters hold charitable and fundraising affairs. The professional way to present yourself is in a nice, collared button down shirt, like the Long Sleeve Oxford. The fraternal crest and name appears to the left of the buttons, letting everyone at your affair know the org you represent. You can buy a set of white or purple shirts for each current member of your chapter, and take advantage of a quantity discount. Even if you only have one or two of these Phi Gamma Delta Polos and Oxfords in your possession, you're in good shape for the semester.

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