The bag that a man carries says a lot about him. Make sure that your bag says you're a proud Sigma man who values high quality gear! These Phi Beta Sigma Bags, Briefcases & Totes are perfect for school, work or recreation.

Greeks come to our site every year looking for that perfect new book bag for school. It's something you're probably going to wear every day, so it has to look nice. Grab a Phi Beta Sigma Backpack and fill it up with all the textbooks, notepads, assignments and folders you'll need for the day. Get a Crest Cinch Sack for those light days when all you have to do on campus is check out the sights and meet up with your frat brothers.

As you get nearer to graduation day, you're going to see the necessity of having a reliable Briefcase Attache. The one we sell for Sigmas features a PBS crest patch on the lower left hand side. The Expandable Briefcase might be an even better choice if you find that you continually have to add new files, folders and paperwork to your bag.

Let us help you get geared up for the school year with Phi Beta Sigma Bags, Briefcases & Totes. They're designed for long-time use, so you'll probably still be able to use them long after school is out.

Phi Beta Sigma Bags, Briefcases & TotesThe Greatest Selection. Period.