Graduation day is an exciting time for everyone, including family, friends and of course the happy graduate. Give him a gift that he'll always remember long after he's out of school and working at a great job. We have a selection of Phi Beta Sigma Alumni and Graduation Gifts for members in college and alum.

The air is all abuzz on graduation day, and one thing that just about every graduating Divine Greek will be reaching for is a Graduation Sash Stole. It's a way to distinguish themselves from everyone else wearing a black robe to the ceremony and easily be found by their frat brothers and sorority sisters. There's also a traditional Kente Graduation Stole that the senior you're buying for would love and keep in his possession for life.

You'll also find other gifts to give graduating seniors and recent alumni, including frames for photos you took of the event, rings that look similar to the ones you receive when graduating from high school and beautiful keepsake boxes.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a graduate who's also a Sigma man, you won't have to search very far when you browse this listing of Phi Beta Sigma Alumni and Graduation Gifts.

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