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The holidays are a special time here at Greek Gear, and we're sure it's the same for you and your FIJI Chapter. Celebrate this important day with Phi Gamma Delta Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments. Fill your chapter house with lots of holiday cheer this November and December. Start off by hanging Greek Holiday Glass Ornaments from your tree -- each one wishes your guests "Happy Holidays" and has the current year engraved at the bottom (right below your letters). If you want the glass ornament to have a different message, click the "Design Your Own" link. A ceramic Holiday Ball Ornament is another excellent decoration for your holiday tree this year. It has a purple face and the phrase "Merry Christmas" etched across the top in script lettering. Again, you can add a four digit year to the bottom. If you want to write in more than just the year, choose the Christmas Ornaments link, where you can type in a longer line of text. Stock up on Phi Gamma Delta Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments for the upcoming season. Best to order them early in the fall so that you have everything you need to prep by the time November rolls around.

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