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Phi Delta Theta Apparel & Merchandise
Empowering every individual to reach his true potential has always been the driving force of Phi Delta Theta, not trying to find men to fit some ideal. That's why its slogan is: Become the Greatest Version of Yourself. Since the fraternity began in 1848 on the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio, it has initiated more than a quarter million men in nearly 190 active chapters and colonies in 42 states and five Canadian provinces. Living alumni run more than 160,000, with some of the late notables including: President Benjamin Harrison; Congressman and U.S. Vice-President Adlai Stevenson I; New York Yankees Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig; and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

As a member of this prestigious frat, you naturally feel a sense of pride - and we know you want to share it. Greek Gear gives you ample opportunity to do just that, with its diverse collection of Phi Delta Theta apparel and gear, with much in the fraternity's colors of azure and argent. Anything you could ever want to get for yourself or as a gift is right here for the taking, and plenty is customizable, so you can dispense with any notion that you will have to shop from store to store, paying exorbitant prices.

Shirts of every cut and style are here, as well as jackets and sportswear depicting your fraternity's Greek letters or configuring its name in a variety of ways. As you can imagine, this is only the start of our product line at Greek Gear, which spans everything from hats and visors, to signs and flags, to desk and office items, to recreational and golf items, and a whole lot more.

Jump into Greek Gear's collection of Phi Delta Theta merchandise and you will not be disappointed. Shop with us today and purchase the sorts of keepsakes that you will prize for years to come.

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