You're definitely going to find more than a few uses for these Phi Beta Sigma Stickers & Decals throughout the school year. They can be used to turn anything into para instantly, whether it's a folder for school or a cellphone case.

Turn just about everything you own into Sigma gear with these colorful, decals and stickers. They're small enough to fit just about any item you have in your dorm room or bag, but are interesting enough to get noticed. For instance, there's a Phi Beta Sigma Euro Decal Oval Sicker that's the perfect size for the cover of your laptop or Kindle cover. There's also a sticker featuring your Greek letters that will fit a large phone cover or personal notepad.

If you're planning a major recruitment event in the near future or you just want to label everything in sight, get a Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet. It's full of a variety of different decal designs and colors, including the PBS fraternal crest and the full fraternity name in an Old London font. We also have a few stickers that you can apply to the inside of a car window.

Get a stack of Phi Beta Sigma Stickers & Decals to use during the year or to give away as gifts to new members. Like many of the Greek items in our catalog, the more you order, the better the deal!

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