Order Of Eastern Star Formal & Party Favors

One of the most exciting parts of being a member of a well-known organization is throwing much-anticipated events. If you're planning a party or gathering soon, buy Order of the Eastern Star Formal and Party Favors for your guests.

Being invited to a formal event is a special honor, going is a singular experience and taking home a unique gift is the cherry on top. Get some formal favors for your guests that are especially made for that occasion -- we have a few easy yet amazing ideas for you in store that give you the freedom to personalize gifts to your liking.

People love to receive glasses as gifts, not just for drinking beverages but also for decorating their dining rooms. They are conversation starters ("hey remember the time?") and can really beautify a decorative display. See the Create Your Own 14 oz Collectors Glass. Custom embroidered items also make great favors, like hats and polo shirts. The more you buy, the better deal you get at checkout!

You can put so many creative ideas into action using Greek Gear's browser-based design your own tools. Explore this Order of the Eastern Star Formal and Party Favors category to create something unique for your invitees and supporters.