The finest Omega Psi Phi Paddles and Picture Frames can be purchased right here at Greek Gear. As you now know, we're more than just great Greek t-shirts and jackets!

He who has the best looking paddle in the chapter wins the para game. Be a contender this year by going to the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddle link. There you can craft a unique paddle that only exists in your mind to date. If you have the room in your dorm, you might want to pick up a Giant Greek Paddle. Add the Omega shield or another image of the fraternity, letters and every pertinent detail about your membership (line name, number, chapter, school, etc).

Mirrored, reflective and ornamental paddles are also hot items for members. There's a Domed Paddle made especially for Omega men, with a decorative purple background. If you look closely it looks like a network of lightning bolts. In the foreground is an image of the fraternity shield and Greek letters, outlined for emphasis.

In addition to Omega Psi Phi Paddles and Picture Frames we also have Design Your Own Awards for your upcoming ceremonies and formals. See the DYO Custom link for more details.

Omega Psi Phi PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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Omega Psi Phi Deluxe Greek Paddles
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Omega Psi Phi Paddles Domed
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Omega Psi Phi Paddles Mirrored
Omega Psi Phi Lightning Paddles
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