Omega Psi Phi Key Rings & KeychainsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

You could have the most disorganized life and messy dorm room, but at least one thing (your set of keys) will always be in order thanks to these Omega Psi Phi Key Rings and Keychains. Pick the style that you like best.

For as long as keyed locks and supermarket discount cards are still in existence, key chains will continue to be useful. They're a simple way to express yourself and tell the world what matters to you. When you have the Pewter Key Ring, it says you're serious about your fraternity -- the Omega Shield is featured at the center of a beautiful wreath. The handy Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Key Chain says that you're both proud of your fraternity and a practical person.

Alumni members love the look of the oval shaped leather keychain because it has the appearance of an official badge and really adds a touch of class to a set of keys. It's definitely an upgrade from the plastic chain you may have had on your keys throughout high school or your freshman year in college.

There's no such thing as too small of a gift when it comes to Greek merchandise. Every item counts and means a lot, including these Omega Psi Phi Key Rings and Keychains.