You will always be a treasured and beloved member of your Omega Psi Phi chapter. You can always keep something nearby to serve as a reminder of your time as an undergrad thanks to the variety of Alumni and Graduation Gifts we sell.

A graduation stole says something important about the time you spent in college. A fraternity stole says that you managed both Greek life and college life successfully. There's a classic satin Sash Stole for sale here, but members of Black Greek Lettered Organizations often prefer to wear the Kente Graduation Stole. The pattern for Omega men is made up of golden stripes and accents on a royal purple cloth.

If you have relatives or little bros who want to give you a special fraternity-related gift before you graduate, tell them to see our grad gifts. Maybe it's finally time that you got that perfect paddle that you've always wanted. We have a Design Your Own tool where a unique custom paddle can be carved with your letters, name and chapter info.

April, May and June is an exciting time when you're in college. If you're a family member, friend or a member who wants a special gift to commemorate your time as a Greek at school, you'll find it listed in our collection of Omega Psi Phi Alumni and Graduation Gifts.

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