Since 1925 the National Charity League has been serving communities all over the country. If you're a member, you'll want to stock up on attractive paraphernalia to let the world know about your affiliation and to look like a unified group when you're attending events. We have shirts, jackets, gifts, and National Charity League Bags & Totes for your group.

The bags or totes you select will depend on what you have planned. For instance, going to the beach for a fundraiser, cleanup project, or to promote your organization at a festival? Get a National Charity League Logo Tote in bright pink. It's extra durable and fairly large so that you can find all of your towels, electronics, and goodies inside. If you're going to a casual brunch meetup with your fellow members or a national meeting pick up a Leather Patch Black Tote. Classy yet simple, it has a reinforced bottom and interior zipper pockets to hold your money and personal items.

If you do a lot of traveling for NCL business and charitable causes, get a compact personal bag to carry on the plane like the National Charity League Box Tote Bag. Also pick up a Leatherette Luggage Tag for your checked baggage.

Pick out the National Charity League Bags & Totes your group prefers the most and customize them to your liking (where applicable). We'll have your order to you shortly -- count on receiving a good quality product that will last for years as you continue to participate in your community service projects and charitable efforts.

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