Miscellaneous TKE JewelryThe Greatest Selection. Period.

As a proud Tau Kappa Epsilon member who's always looking for new para, you'll definitely want to bookmark and check out the items listed on this page of miscellaneous TKE jewelry. Whenever we have a new or special or unique or quirky piece of fraternity jewelry available for your group that you might like, it'll show up in this section of Greek Gear.

Items in the collection include the Tie Clip Bar -- it's a must if you wear a tie more often than not for work, meetings and formal affairs. It's the best way to keep your tie from flying up and hitting you in the face on windy days. You could also use the Tau Kappa Epsilon Lapel Pin for that purpose, though it is most often used to pin to the flap of your coat or suit jacket.

To display your dual commitment to fraternity and country, wear a TKE USA Flag Lapel Pin. One flag is red, white and blue and the other is cherry red and battleship grey. Put this on at Memorial Day or Veteran's Day events with your chapter.

Sometimes you need to something a little different and special for the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity events you have planned, whether it's a lapel pin or a dog tag. There's a good chance that you'll find it on this page of GreekGear.com !