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Miscelaneous Glass ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Sometimes the most fragile things are the most beautiful, like custom designed glassware. Find the perfect item to decorate your room or a special gift for someone you care about in this section of Miscellaneous Glass Items for Greeks.

Glass has both aesthetic and practical purposes. It looks amazing displayed in a trophy case, china closet or sitting on an office desk, yet it's also durable enough to use for storing items for a long period of time. It adds a touch of class to items you use every day -- for instance, we sell a pretty Glass Jewel Box for sorority ladies that can be imprinted with Greek letters on the top. It can be custom designed for a special lady using our "Design Your Own" feature.

We also offer Custom Printed Candy Jars that can be customized with a recognizable image, group name, chapter, date and more. These make amazing party favors to give out at formal events and even weddings of college sweethearts who were also fraternity and sorority members. The Balmoral Glass Candy Jar is another popular choice if you want to give a memorable souvenir or gift.

Click the product you need from this listing of Miscellaneous Glass Items and see the customization options we have available. Get in touch with the team if you need help finalizing your order.