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Military Challenge Coins - Besides using Military coins for challenging, they are also used as rewards or awards. They are used as a tool to build morale. In the context as they are used by the modern U.S. military, the tradition probably began amongst special forces units during the Vietnam War. The tradition spread through the Airborne community, and by the early 1980s also into the 75th Infantry "Rangers." As officers were reassigned as their careers progressed, they carried with them the tradition of awarding a unit coin for acts that were worthy of recognition, but yet lacked enough merit to submit the soldiers act for an official medal. Military Challenge coins were not very common until the First Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991, and have steadily grown in popularity since. Ten-hut! You'll definitely jump to attention when you see the price and wide selection of military gifts and merchandise we sell. Take this long list of military pins we sell for military personnel for instance. It's quite possibly the largest collection you'll find online! Chances are that if you've been looking for a special pin that represents your specific infantry, division, or accomplishments during your service you'll find it in this section of Military Gear USA. Everything from the distinctive number 1 emblazoned on the Fort Riley Kansas 1st Infantry Division pin to the thunderbolt pin representing the "lighting strong" 25th Infantry Division aka Tropic Lightning of Hawaii. War veterans, we've got you covered. Pick up the World War II Veteran pin with a gold-colored backdrop for a WW2 vet. Check out the various Operation Iraqi Freedom, Vietnam Veteran and Operation Enduring Freedom pins for specific infantries and divisions. We also carry award and decoration pins including the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Air Medal. If buying a pin as a gift we understand that it can be confusing to sort through the various military pins in our vast collection. Need to ' patch ' together a great military gift for your veteran or active duty serviceman or service woman? Need a replacement patch for your uniform to wear at your next military gathering? Chances are you'll find the exact military patch you need right here. In this section we carry many different military patches including one that's sure to match your need. We've got army unit patches listing individual infantry divisions and military veteran patches commemorating WWII and Vietnam as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom missions. Buy POW MIA patches emblazoned with the phrases "You Are Not Forgotten" or "A Grateful Nation Never Forgets." Sort through patches for each division of the armed forced, including the Air Force, Marines, and Army. Choose from hat patches that you can stitch or iron to your favorite hat to clothing patches for attaching to jackets and shirts. Check out the pricing on these military patches -- probably even cheaper than what you'd find at your local surplus store or another site online.