Mason / Freemason Desk & Office ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Freemasonry has its roots reaching as far back as the 14th Century. Show your great respect for the organization you're a proud member with Masonic Desk and Office Items from the Greek Gear directory of products.

After you have your desk and office organized just the way you like it, add something notable that features your organization's symbols to the surface, like a Masonic Keepsake Box. The box is pure perfection, made of smooth polished solid dark walnut wood, with your insignia engraved on the top in golden lettering. It has a green felt interior that can be filled with a variety of desktop items, including pens for signing contracts and business cards.

Speaking of business cards, we have one of those for carrying in your briefcase or bag. The word "Masons" is etched across the top of a blue background, right about your name or company name. Another useful item you can take along with you is the Wooden Pen Set, with your fraternal logo and name engraved in black. Again, if you're planning on signing a lot of big deals or contracts in the near future, this distinguished pen is a must-have.

What better place to put Masonic paraphernalia and keepsakes than in the office where work hard every day? Masonic Desk and Office Items are ideal presents to give to new initiates as well as long-time members.