Lambda Phi Epsilon Polos & OxfordsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

The next time you have a local, state, or national meeting to attend, order Lambda Phi Epsilon Polos and Oxfords for yourself and other delegates. Sure, you could just wear a royal blue or white polo, but having a lettered, customized shirt is 10 times better!

As much as you may like to just wear a comfortable cotton t-shirt to all Greek-related gatherings on and off campus, sometimes you have to step it up a bit. All eyes will be on you when you stand in front of your audience of potential new members wearing the Greek Letter Oxford shirt. It's easy to press and button up to wear with a pair of no-wrinkle khakis. We'll embroider it with your letters and a short line of text.

Anyone can buy a regular polo shirt at a men's store, but not everyone can find a distinguished-looking shirt that is custom embroidered at a great price. The Greek Contender Polo also allows a short bit of personalized text, such as "Leaders Among Men" or LPhiE. Are you a frequent golfer? The Greek Letter Avenger Polo is an ideal shirt to wear when you plan to be on the Green all day playing 18 holes with your brothers.

Everyone loves a good-looking guy who's wearing a good-looking button-down dress shirt. Order polos and oxfords for Lambda Phi Epsilon brothers in an array of flattering colors, including royal blue, white, and black. One day soon, you will find yourself reaching in the back of your closet for one of these shirts to wear to an important Greek affair.