One of the best perks of being a fraternity member is being able to exhibit cool paraphernalia that features your Greek letters, colors, and symbols. Why not do so on the vehicle that you drive to campus, the mall, parties, and other schools on a weekly basis? See the selection of Lambda Phi Epsilon car merchandise and license plate frames we offer here at Greek Gear.

Your car is like a second home. How many hours per week do you spending riding around in it, going from A to B or C to D? We can help you make your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV more like home with décor for members of your unique Greek organization. Start by brightening up the interior with a set of Fraternity Car Mats. Next, put a Custom License Plate Frame around your plates. They come in royal blue with white text, or you can choose the opposite.

A number of states allow you to add a license "plate" of your choosing to the front of your car. If you live in one, order a colorful rectangular LPhiE Lettered License Cover. Personalize it with your fraternity motto of date of founding.

As the days go on and you become more comfortable as a Lambda Phi Epsilon member, you are going to want car merchandise and license plate frames for your vehicle. Submit your order well before your next planned road trip up the coast!

Lambda Phi Epsilon Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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