Lambda Alpha Upsilon PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Make your para collection even more interesting this school year by ordering a pair of personalized wooden Lambda Alpha Upsilon Paddles. We have them in different wood colors, so you have a nice variety of ways to customize them.

A standard fraternity paddle has a short knob-shaped handle and a long, rectangular body. There's more than enough room on a paddle for a few lines of text and important fraternity symbols. The Deluxe Paddle is created especially for big and little brothers to gift to each other. After completing the recruitment process with the help of a knowledgeable big brother, giving him a customized paddle is a perfect way to show your appreciation.

For an added feature on your paddle, get the Old School Wood Greek Paddle. It has space on the back for two or three words of text. We suggest your chapter name, but you could have your name, initiation date, or the word "Condors" etched on the surface instead. You can hang this paddle up from the ceiling using the leather strap included so that both sides are visible.

Join your fraternity brothers across the country who have already ordered Lambda Alpha Upsilon Paddles to put in their dorms or cars and to bring to recruitment gatherings. Count on to produce high quality custom para for you and your fellow LAU members!