Lambda Alpha Upsilon Desk & Office ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

If you're here for a unique and out-of-the-box gift for a Lambda Alpha Upsilon member, check out our listing of fraternity desk and office items.

Despite all of the technological advances available today, everyone who attends college is going to have to sit down at a desk at some point. Whether it is to put the finishing touches on a paper using a word processing program, or mapping out your assignments for the week. You'd be surprised by how productive you can be seated at well-organized table. Make your desk a more welcoming place by adding décor, like an LAU Wood Picture Frame. Add a picture of your crew with an encouraging message like "we've got your back."

When buying gifts for a Lambda, choose items he can use regularly like the Wooden Pen Set. It can be tucked into the side of his laptop bag and retrieved whenever he needs to take an important note. Speaking of notes, the Leatherette Portfolio with Notepad is a good place to keep them.

Having Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Desk and Office Items in your dorm might help remind you of your motto "Venceremos porque Nacimos para Triunfar!" Celebrate your fraternal membership in everything that you do while you're at school!