No matter how popular social media sites and the internet becomes, printed signs are always going to be a key way to promote your fraternity on campus. Order custom Kappa Alpha Psi Signs, Flags and Banners from Greek Gear in advance of your upcoming recruitment activities and founder's day events. Every time you hold an official chapter event on or off campus, you should bring one of this quality KAPsi signs along to promote your fraternity. The purpose of a good sign is to ensure that you and your chapter can be recognized and distinguished at important public event. You can get something basic like the Giant Flag, which is imprinted with your Greek letters on red fabric. If you buy more than one of these you can get an even better price per sign. If you prefer to personalize your sign with your fraternity or chapter history, get the Custom Line Flag or the 3 x 5 Flag. They are also red with white lettering and a bold font that is easy to see from a distance. If you and your chapter often throw parties at your house, get a Crest Neon Sign to hang up at the front entrance to welcome your guests. Every year, take an inventory of your Kappa Alpha Psi Signs, Flags and Banners to see if your chapter could use something new. The way you represent yourself at your events and affairs really matters.

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